My Big Fat Love of Photography!

I’ve been in love with photography since I was a little kid all the way back in the 1960’s! I found one of the very first pictures ever taken by me. A pigeon on the streets of Jersey City. I took this photo with what I can only describe as a box camera that probably was new in the 1940’s. As you can see, my photo is very out of focus, but I remember being thrilled with it as a child! I TOOK THIS PICTURE!


Little pigeon. Photo taken in late 1960s. Jersey City, NJ.


Below is a photo I took in the early 1970’s.  It’s a brand new World Trade Center taken from the rooftop of our apartment building on Kennedy Boulevard a few blocks away from St. Peter’s College. I watched the World Trade Center go up and saw them fall. My heart broke that day. I took many photos of the WTC over the years and I’m going to try to find them to post here. The domed building you see on the right hand side of the photo is St. Aedan’s Church on Bergen Ave in Jersey City. It’s a very beautiful church and I have many fond memories of my time attending that church. The large red building on the left hand side of the picture was known as the Goodman’s building. Goodman’s was a popular furniture store at that time. (I still have a small cedar chest from Goodman’s that they used to give to all the high school kids who visited during one of the senior class trip days.)


World Trade Center early 1970s. View from Jersey City, NJ.


Both of these photos bring back really good memories and that’s one of the reasons I love photography! The wonderful snapshots of moments in time that bring back wonderful memories of days gone by. Events, people, family, friends, history, news, all recorded in colors and shapes on paper! Those shapes and forms are meaningless to some and priceless to others. It all depends on who’s doing the looking!

My new camera is on its way and I’m going to learn to use it like a pro! This blog will detail my journey from long time photography novice to an experienced Pro. I can’t wait to hear from folks who can impart their knowledge to give me the best tips to become the best photographer I can be!


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