My Big Fat New Camera Teaches Me About Patience

As you can see from my very first post, I’ve always liked taking pictures and I’ve always liked birds. Put the two together and I’m taking a lot of pictures of birds.  I’ve found that birds don’t especially like posing for photos. Hence, one of the first really clear and focused pictures I had the pleasure of taking is, well, the derrière of a house-sparrow. What can I say?! He wouldn’t turn around fast enough for me! Sigh.

My first clearly focused picture of a bird is the derrière of a house-sparrow.

My first clearly focused picture of a bird is the derrière of a house-sparrow.

I’ll spare you all the details but when reviewing the photos I took today, I could zoom in on this bird’s behind, and boy was it crystal clear! Sheesh! Oh if only this little bird turned around oh it would have been a beauty! But you know what? It’s a decent picture! The bird is clear, the color of the sky is beautiful and the branches of the tree are just pretty.

I can remember when I zoomed in on this little bird. In my head I kept saying, “Turn around, c’mon, turn around.” I was as if I was trying to will him to turn around!  He did turn around eventually. I had just snapped the picture, quickly reviewed the it on the screen, and I looked up to see the bird was facing me! As quick as I tried to aim my camera at him to snap his cute little face – he flew away! If I only waited 3 more seconds I would have had the best ever shot of a house-sparrow on the planet!

So, today’s lesson is one of patience to get the best shot. I think the next time I take pictures of birds I’ll take my time. I’ll give them a chance to get used to my presence so they can go about their business of being birds. I was thinking perhaps it’s a good idea to look for the best shot, not just the only shot available. Then again, will I miss an opportunity for the photo of a life time? Is it possible that I’m just over-thinking this? I don’t know, it’s hard to say. Of course I did get a few more photos of some birds today, but there were branches blocking the view or there was just too much shade.

The bottom like today is, the picture of the sparrow’s derrière was the best photo of the day.  Perhaps it was also the most thought-provoking for this newbie photographer. What do you think?

On the bright side, it IS the best picture on the planet of a house sparrow’s derrière! 🙂



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