The name behind the blog is Patty Thomas and….

I’ve been taking pictures since I was a widdle kid in Jersey City, NJ a wooong time ago in the 1960s. (Yes, I grew up with Bugs Bunny cartoons!)  Two weeks ago I changed the settings of my camera for the FIRST time in my life and I discovered I can compose the details of my own photos and not leave it to the discretion of the camera. I am actually creating my own photo art! My wonderful husband gave me My Big Fat New Camera (a DSLR) and the next thing you know – this blog happened!

In other “about me” news, as I mentioned above, I’m married to a wonderful guy named Mark who owns a fabulous company called which is the best dog walking pet sitting business in Northern New Jersey!  So, obviously I love animals, and have a great little dog Havanese dog named Buttons. Boy do I ever love her to pieces. I’m pretty sure as time goes by, this blog will be filled with many pictures of her. Along those same lines, it’s safe to assume since I love animals so much, there will be many pictures of animals on this blog, especially birds.

I have a day job to pay the bills but I know life has more for me than what happens in that day job. My other interests include learning how to draw and writing children’s books. Ha! Let’s see what happens when happiness is pursued! Fa-l0w-meeeee! (I watched the Adam’s Family too!)




Soar to new heights...write a blog.

First Moving Subject Photographed Rather Successfully!




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